Author Topic: Hooray but why did it take Mike and Bryan 15 years to get an independent studio?  (Read 1341 times)

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I have to wonder what soulless executives watched this series and said "nah, this isn't worth anything and isn't going anywhere." Like, it makes you seriously consider the existence of Reptiloids or whatever, hahaha!

I'm glad that after all this uncertainty, M&B finally landed on the solid ground. No matter what I or you think of ATLOK, they should have had the benefit of the doubt investment-wise from the inception of ATLA.


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Well, I'm not actually convinced that Avatar has ever made money for Nickelodeon. The cartoon is great and all, but did it move a lot of action figures? DVDs? (I don't know, I came in at the end, and had to pick up the action figures on clearance/eBay!) But now the content of shows themselves can drive streaming subscribers, as proven by the recent Netflix-inspired resurgence. So it's more like the world caught up to Avatar.

I just wish the world had caught up in time to save Gargoyles.

But hey, at least we're finally getting more animated stuff!