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on: August 04, 2016, 04:03:12 PM
Hello everybody, I was hoping to use this thread to share all our favorite Avatar fanfics. So get your list together and share it with the world! And if you want, tell us why you like it. That might inspire others to check the story out.

Here are my favorite stories:

100 Years by AssaultSloth
My favorite thing about this story is the in-depth analysis of Bumi's character as he grows from being "a too clever for his own good scribe" to something approaching the mad genius of the original series. In addition, this story has a ton of world-building which is something I really admire. AssaultSloth fleshes out the world of Avatar in ways comparable to the cartoon. The character he gives to the city of Omashu from the behind the scenes working of the upper administration to its criminal underworld is fascinating. He also manages to bring in a lot of philosophy to this work. His exposition of the 86 jings (alluded to by Bumi in "Return to Omashu") is worth checking out.

Avatar: Children of War by MasterGhandalf
In some ways I'm saddened that the author of this work decided to quit after the first installment of the Search Trilogy came out.  The story of Ursa as narrated here, exceeds the quality of what we got in the comics, in my opinion. Anyway, it's been a while since I read this story, but from what I remembered, I liked the author's portrayal of Ursa and her relationship to Ozai early on in their marriage. The political intrigue in this work was also interesting, though I don't really remember it all that well. Still, check it out.

The Fall of the Fire Empire by MasterGhandalf
One of the first AU fanfics, I've read; The Fall of the Fire Empire is set in an alternate time line one hundred years after the original series. In this story, the Avatar was captured shortly after emerging from the iceberg and the Fire Nation won the war. Like MasterGhandalf's other work, I remember little of what happened, though I do remember liking it quite a lot. The author's portrayal of an elderly Fire Lord Azula was something I haven't seen before or since, and the ending plot where our heroes try to stop her from unleashing her parting gift on the world made for a worthy finale.

His Dream of the Skyland One: How High the Moon by Rasputin Zero
Another AU set during the Second Sino-Japanese War. I have to really hand it to Rasputin Zero for recreating the world of Avatar (including the feel of the show itself) in a completely different setting. It has a similar style to 100 Years, in that there is a ton of world-building and philosophy, so if you don't care for that kind of thing than this might not be for you. Unfortunately it's dead and will likely never have a proper conclusion. But what is there is great. Like I said, Rasputin Zero really accomplished something extraordinary by writing this story.

Prince Iroh by Acastus
The story of Iroh's early public life. Once of the things I love about this story is that it captures the feel of many of the historical-fiction books that I'm fond of reading very well. If you ever watched the BBC drama "I,Claudius" and enjoyed it, than you'll love what Acastus is trying to accomplish here. Prince Iroh has a fantastic set of characters who get plenty of development as the story progresses. I really admire how each of the main cast brought about the disaster at Lake Myojin, and how each of them contribute to the story's action-packed finale at Mequon. The political drama in this tale is also very fascinating. Like I said, it invokes the feel of historical-fiction dramas, so the intrigue here is something that many will enjoy. If I will critique one thing though, it would be that this story in contrast two the two I'm going to mention shortly, does not have a lot of original flavor. It's pretty dang good, but if you are looking for something that feels like watching the original show, than this might not be it. But still give it a chance. The story is now completed, which is a pretty impressive accomplishment considering the fact that this story went on hiatus for about seven to eight years.

Traitor's Face by Loopy
Loopy accomplishes, in a different manner, what Rasputin Zero did, which is recreate the show in a different setting. The nature of the AU may not be as drastic as setting the story in our world, but the accomplishment is no less laudable. The premise of the story is that Aang woke up from his 100 year slumber late and that he was found not by Katara but by Mai. I really enjoy Loopy's portrayal of Mai. He has managed to make me like her (when I was indifferent toward her in the original show), while at the same time staying true to her canonical characteristics. You have to hand it to the author from being able to glean so much from the show and building on it in a manner consistent with the source material. Worthy mention goes to a pair of chapters that are suppose to be this tale's version of the "Fortuneteller," many of the events are completely different, but the feel of watching the series for the first time is recreated in an original way. Like the "Children of War" and "Prince Iroh" there is a lot of political drama, though it again captures the feel of the show. Which means that it isn't overtly complicated, but still manages to capture your attention. So again, check it out.

Water Tribe by Rufftoon
If you want to feel like your watching an episode of Avatar, read this. It's a comic made by someone who worked on the show (doing storyboards, if I remember correctly) so in addition to the writing, you're also getting art that closely resembles the show. The story is about Zhao. Apparently, in this universe, the Ocean Spirit spared the Fire Nation admiral by wiping his memory clean and allowing him to have a second chance, living among the people of the Water Tribe. Rufftoon's portrayal of Zhao captures the spirit of the show almost to a tee. Like Loopy, she builds on his character in a way consistent with the show.
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Save for The Gentleman of Weapons, these are one-shots / drabbles.

A Dragon's Words
by rosehiptea
Rating: PG-13 for violence
Sozin's dragon speaks ugly truths.

Broken Promises
by Rebecca Hb
Characters: Jeong Jeong, Zhao, Torao (OC), Osamu (OC), Piandao, Iroh
Rating: PG-13
Jeong Jeong does not enjoy teaching, but he does what he can to make it worthwhile for both his students and himself. Unfortunately, his failures are more spectacular than his successes.
Author's Notes:
This begins twenty-three years pre-canon. Jeong Jeong is on the long slide towards his lowest points and ultimately his desertion.

The Gentlemen of Weapons
by Menamebephil
Warnings: Violence
Azula, Piandao
In a different world, can a mysterious and ancient Order possibly defeat a ruthless Fire Lord? No. They're utterly screwed, actually.

Last Moments
Rating: PG-13
by savingdaisydiva
Warnings: Character deaths, some gore.
Kuruk, Kyoshi, Roku, Yangchen
Four Avatars recount the last moments of their lives.

Moment always Vanishing
by schellibie
A brief look at Aang's parents.